Winning Idea for Small Business Owners — Boost Morale during Employee Spirit Month

Winning Idea for Small Business Owners — Boost Morale during Employee Spirit Month

Employee Spirit Month As a small business owner you know that it takes hard work and commitment to be successful. You must also recognize that your employees are the lifeblood of your company. They are a critical asset that can make the difference between a good business and a great one.

The month of March is Employee Spirit Month which makes it the perfect time for business owners, supervisors and managers to create a positive work environment to raise the spirits and boost the morale of your employees.

You’ve heard the adage about all work and no play — not only does it make Jack a dull boy, it may also be harmful to the health of your business. Ensuring that your employees enjoy working for you is important to the wellbeing of your organization. So this March – cheer up the workplace and let your employees have a little fun. The benefits may astound you.

Positive return on employee investment (ROEI) begins in companies that take a strategic approach to employee management. A new infographic by Sage North America helps capture the potential value and cost of employees. The ROEI comes in the form of productivity and profitability. People who have fun at work are more productive and have less absenteeism. They are willing to work harder, spend more hours on the job, take better care of your business and maintain their composure in a crisis.

Some companies are using fun ideas to increase employee spirit. Games, contests and competitions can be used to emphasize procedures, improve skills and enhance teamwork as well as to boost employee retention and increase overall performance. One example of this is asking employees trivia questions about new offerings and services, or about company policy. Winners can earn prizes such as gift cards or even personal time off.

Tips to improve employee morale and spirit should start at the top. Employees appreciate a management team that is honest with its workforce. Solicit and listen to your workers’ input on ways to lift their spirits by creating a fun working environment. Act upon their suggestions whenever possible.

An increasing body of research demonstrates there is a significant increase in the level of employee trust, creativity and communication when leaders lighten up and create a fun workplace. All of this leads to lower turnover, higher morale and a stronger bottom line.

Start boosting morale by giving your employees reasons to look forward to coming to work. When you see how well it works for your business during Employee Spirit Month, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to implement ways to add more fun to the workplace all year long.

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