Updating Credit Card Software & Hardware, What Business Owners Need To Know

Merchant credit card processing has changed a bit in the past five years, especially with the rise of mobile payments. That’s why storeowners should put a greater emphasis on upgrading hardware, software and infrastructure. Better upgrades mean you can work with customers on their own terms, providing instant service, in-depth consultation, and a speedy fulfillment. This guide will introduce you to some of the recent changes, and discuss why it’s important to upgrade.


One of the major changes in recent years has been the uptick in mobile users. Credit card processing companies have responded with new solutions that both allow for mobile payments, and encourage employees to carry the POS around with them on a mobile device. Apple’s stores were one of the first in retail to do this, but it’s become commonplace in today’s landscape.


Another huge change has been how payments are processed, and the speed at which a transfer occurs. Better encryption allows payments to proceed within a day, in most cases. The average merchant service provider also improved encryption to be far more secure, so updated equipment will help transmit data on a secure line. You should also improve your Internet services within your shop, and look at anti-virus protection for any PCs the company may use on the floor or in the management offices.


Some processors come with a component you can use on a website, enabling you to accept payments from a website and ship products to your customers. Websites are more important to certain businesses, but everyone should maintain one professionally as a method for customers to reach you. Offering a store front will help you instantly fulfill what customers want, even allowing them to place orders for in-store pickup.

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