The Mobile POS: A Guide for Beginners

The Mobile POS: A Guide for Beginners

mobile-posWhen you apply for an internet merchant account, some sites will give you the option of using a mobile processor for in-store payments. This fairly new technology is now sweeping across the retail world, bringing on-demand help to anyone in the store wherever they may be. In this brief guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started using mobile payment technology.

Mobile Payments Explained

Credit card processing companies have recognized a few things about the old POS that retailers used. First, these systems weren’t very secure. They were designed to funnel people to a point in the store where they could pay for goods and leave, but instead they’ve created out-the-door lines.

Mobile credit card processing takes a more secure approach that ultimately allows the business to service the customer wherever he /she is in the store.

Basic Components and Operation

Essentially, mobile payments rely on a small piece that fits into your phone. Sometimes, there is a separate mobile processor, but usually it fits into an iPhone or Android phone. The payee will slide his card, and your employee provides a receipt from a nearby printer. Some retailers will have all of this equipment on their employees, others will have only the processor with the printer at the front of the store. Your setup may vary, but the system helps you reach more customers.

Some Tips

When you’re deploying your system, don’t completely abandon your old POS. Those terminals will be useful if your new system goes down during the first few days of setup. This technology is new, and it’s very sound. But like any upgrade, you never want to stake your entire business and revenue on something you haven’t tried yet without a backup. Payment Solutions, Inc. is one of the most affordable and secure methods to accept credit cards online.

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