Merchant Account Options

Article provided by Total Merchant Services.

Many businesses use merchant accounts that allow them to accept credit card and debit card purchases. These types of accounts are bank accounts. There are options a business can choose from when setting up their account. The accounts are good for business, can help with customer satisfaction, and allow online shopping. You can customize your account to fit your business needs.

One option for in store use of merchant accounts includes a credit card terminal. The equipment is a stand-alone terminal. The customer swipes their credit card or enters numbers manually. Another in store option for business owners is an automated response unit. With this piece of equipment, the merchant usually imprints the card using an imprinter to create a receipt. The card numbers are manually entered and the transaction is authorized over the phone.
A check reader will give instant verification on funds. This equipment helps prevent the loss from bad checks. It is another safe way of accepting payments from customers and gives them additional ways to pay for purchases.

If a business has Internet sales or does mail order sales, there are options available. For Internet sales, a business is able to use Internet processing with their web site. Customers enter credit card information manually on a virtual terminal. Manually entering card numbers with a mail order telephone order option allows taking orders over the telephone with credit cards. Each option gives the business safe ways to accept payments and offers customers choices in paying for purchases.

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